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  Hosting A Group Retreat


Pick a Date:

  • The first thing to do is check our calendar to see what is available.
  • The hardest part is getting everyone to commit to a date so once you have narrowed it down to what will work for the majority of individuals book that date.
  • Once your date has been confirmed, one way to make sure everyone in your group is committed is by collecting a deposit from them.
  • As the total will be due 60 days prior to your retreat, try to get final payment from everyone well in advance. This also keeps people from backing out at the last minute. If there is an emergency or something else comes up they can always try to find someone to fill their spot, this prevents you from having to pay the extra $$'s out of your own pocket.

Group Size:

  • Our retreat is set up to accomade 12 quests 
  • Other groups prefer to have fewer people so they have more space per individual.
  • If you don't have enough people for a group of twelve you can look for extra people by posting a message on our message board.


  • We provide you with a completely stocked kitchen so it is easy and convenient to make meals at the retreat.  
  • If you have someone that enjoys cooking you can always collect money for food from each person and have that individual buy all the food and cook for everyone for the weekend.
  • A great way to make sure that not just one person is stuck in the kitchen all weekend is to divide the meals up ahead of time.  It is also a good idea to have everyone pick what they will be making ahead so you don't end up having chicken salad all weekend.   Assign two or three individuals for each meal. They would be responsible for buying, preparing and cleaning up for that meal.
  • For those groups that prefer not to do any cooking there are several local places to dine in or that will deliver. You could also consider having someone do all the catering.  

Fun Ideas:

  • Plan a theme for your retreat. For instance you could have a beach theme, Back to the 50's, Hawaiian Luau the possibilities are endless.
  • Plan a Swap. Almost every scrapbooker has a pile of unused die-cuts, stickers, paper ect.   You can set up some simple guidelines for the swap, or declare it a reasonable free-for-all.
  • Pamper yourselves.  Whether you'd like to hire a massuass to come in or have someone provide manicure & pedicures for the group this is a great way to relax and take a break.
  • Have Contest for the most creative page, most # of pages completed etc.
  • Prize drawings are always a hit.


  • The group leader is responsible for the entire amount of the weekend, however the group leader has the option of how she wants to divide up the cost to the group individuals.  
  •  As the Group Coordinator you have the extra responsibility of getting everything together and keeping everyone informed so you can choose to divide the amount equally between the number of people attending or you can charge everyone else extra thus compensating yourself for your time and effort.  

Do we have to Scrapbook:

  • Absolutely not! Set up with scrapbookers in mind our retreat is able to accommodate group of all kinds from beaders to knitters, to quilters to stampers. 

Visit us as:http://facebook.com/CedarRidgeScrapbookRetreat.com
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